Zanussi oven

About Zanussi Combi ovens

classic-combioven2The history of Zanussi company sprung back in 1916 in a small town in North-Eastern Italy. The initial company products were making wood- burning ovens and home stoves. The company was making developments with the pass of every year, and by 1962, Zanussi Group was exporting its products to about 60 countries. However, in a rare twist of events, Electrolux Company bought the Company in 1964 after it was almost going under.

When choosing commercial combi ovens, many factors must be considered. One of the primary factors is the brand; the brand tells much of the quality of appliances. Zanussi Professional thereby offers a good brand choice due to its extensive years of experience. Foremost, Zanussi Combi ovens are designed with stainless steel material basically on the exterior thus enabling easy cleaning. Specifically speaking, Zanussi ovens have a 304 AISI stainless steel construction throughout.

A guarantee among the range of Zanussi combi ovens is that the food is checked by HACCP data. The HACCP standards operate by having the oven show a green flag when the food has reached the food safety level.

Zannussi Range

Zanussi range of ovens include the Easy steam ovens. The range integrates the features of a combination oven by taking them to an advanced level. For instance, the ovens feature variant speed fans. The full speed fans will be ideal for while the half speed ovens are ideal for cooking delicate foods.

Moreover, the oven blows fresh air through the Bi- functional fan, therefore, aiding in the evenness of cooking process. Moreso, the ByPass Technology enables control of humidity levels in combi and regeneration cycles thus saving on water and energy consumption.

Also, Zanussi Professional has the EasySteamPlus combi ovens. The range can be operated using 30 different languages making it an ideal appliance for use in any place in the world. The EasySteamPlus combi ovens also have 3- cooking options, that is, automatic programs, manual, and recipe programs. More so, these settings can be performed within a matter of seconds.
The EasySteamPlus model takes the basic Zanussi Combi ovens functions to the next level. The best example here is that the range makes self- cleaning incredibly easy and offers a selection of four pre- set cleaning modes.

Automatic cleaning system

fcz061Foremost, Zanussi ovens feature an automatic cleaning system. The cleaning system is in-built thus means there is no need for extra operations for cleaning purposes. More so, the ovens are constructed with seamless rounded corners that enable easy cleaning.

Another benefit of Zanussi Professional range of ovens is that they feature a sensor probe. Some of the models have a single sensor while other models such as the EasySteamPlus feature six sensor probes. Sensor probes work by detecting temperature and send that information to the sensor control board that adjusts according to the set temperature. In the event the oven has no sensor probe, the oven is likely to malfunction where it becomes too hot. To eliminate such risks or the chances of one sensor probe malfunctioning, the advanced models of the Zanussi feature the six sensor probes.

In conclusion, Zanussi Professional ovens are available in various capacities which include a 6- tray, 10- tray oven and 20- tray combi ovens. Some of its 10- tray models are Zanussi EasyPlus 10 tray Electric Convection Oven while the 6- tray ovens include Zanussi EasyPlus 6 tray Electric Convection Oven. Moreover, the vast range of ovens are available in gas and electric modes.

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