Unox oven

Unox is often used in a bakery and cafe environment.

Recommended models:

Linemicro Convection oven XF043
Decktop 2 tray Bakery / Pizza oven XEBDC
Bakertop Prover XEBPC 16EU
Cheftop Combi oven 10 tray XEVC
Cheftop Combi oven 3 tray Electric

About Unox Combi oven

Unox brand is ideally a household name when it comes to the manufacture of professional of commercial ovens. To say the least, Unox has revolutionized the industry of professional ovens. This revolution began in 1990. Unox brands are geared toward quality, competitiveness, and simplicity. The secret to Unox reputation is attributable to several factors. One factor is that the company has continued to be technologically innovative in all its models. Each new model encompasses a better and fast way for cooking. More so, the Company’s technological innovations are guided by an extensive market research.

unox ovenEnergy efficient

Foremost, Unox has put together the best technological solutions for energy saving. The essence of this factor is that the ovens cooks more but uses less energy as compared to its competitor brands. Specifically, speaking, Unox brand ovens consume 30% less energy when compared to the traditional brands. In the mission to digitalize cooking, Unox brands are digitally configured in every sense of it. For instance, the brands offer the option of customers receiving energy consumption on their mobile devices. This feature enables better energy management, and more so, the restaurant owner can track energy consumption from a remote location.


Further, the brands are technologically configured to significantly cut down on cooking time. Ideally, almost every operation is automated, that is temperature control, cooking time, humidity and air speed. No time is therefore wasted as the chef checks whether the food is cooked, or the oven is at the right temperature. Instead, all they have to do is to create the different settings and the oven cooks by itself.
Furthermore, the Unox brand ovens can be programmed to several cooking options. While roasting, the chef may still bake and grill in the same oven. These different programs are independently controlled concerning temperature, time, humidity and even air speed.

Unox Combi ovens pride on one of the most favorable warranty policy in spare parts and repairs. Moreover, Unox offers the option for customers to request an extension of their warranty on spare parts. This benefit is through their product known as LONG.Life UNOX Warranty. Warranty may be extended up to 4 years and in the alternative, a customer may request an extension of up to 10000 on time.

New Range

Unox range of ovens includes CHEFTOP MIND.Maps™ ONE and CHEFTOP MIND.Maps™ PLUS.The models offer the user complete of the cooking process. With the MASTER.Touch PLUS feature, one can cook as many menus as they wish. On the other hand the ovens’ MASTER.Touch ONE feature enables you to control the oven’s programs easy and fast due to its LCD Touch Screen feature. From here, every program can be controlled by the simple touch of the displayed buttons. Moreover, processes can be saved and retrieved when need be.

Baking oven

BAKERTOP MIND.Maps™ is another range of the Unox Combi ovens. One distinct feature of the BAKERTOP MIND.Maps™ is the safety temperature switch. The feature means that the ovens switch off when it detects extreme temperatures. This feature protects your baking from burning unnecessarily say in the event of irregular power flow. The ovens are available in various capacities that include, 10 tray combi ovens.

Finally, Unox Combi ovens are designed with the best material for kitchen equipment and include a stainless steel exterior and Light weight-heavy duty structure.



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