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About Rational Combi ovens

The German based Company was formed in 1973 with about 25 employees. Through the years, the kitchen appliances manufacturer has continued to make advancements in the kitchen industry. One of its milestone achievements includes inventing the Rational Combi Oven in 1976, invention of ClimaPlus combi in 1997 among other inventions.

Rational SCC WE 101

Rational SCC WE 101


Rational design one of the most eco- friendly combi ovens in the market. The Company’s intensive research with continuous collaboration with University Students helps come up with eco- friendly systems. The result of this engagement is the Company’s Whiteefficiency policy.

Combi ovens are multifunctional ovens that enable caterers to perform many styles of cooking without using many appliances. Rational combi oven offer self -cooking and combines a range of cooking styles.

The wide variety of Rational Combi Ovens includes both self -cooking and combination models. The selfCooking Centre has entirely revolutionized the automatic mode of cooking. With the SelfCooking Centre, every operation that is, temperature, time, humidity and even program settings are fully automated. The IcookingControl assistance function performs each function to the exact instruction.

The added advantage of this feature is that any staff can cook using the oven without the need for any training.
Also, with the SelfCooking Centre feature, one can perform multi-cooking with much ease. The feature has the memory to take at least 350 programs that have up to 12 steps each. Indeed, the cooking that one can do with the Rational Combi Ovens is incredible.

Electrical & Gas ovens

Furthermore, Versatility is enhanced by having both electric and gas powered ovens. Electric powered models include Rational CM101 Electric Combination Oven while the gas powered models include Rational SCC101 Gas Combination Oven.
Moreover, the combi ovens are designed to enable cooking of vast styles of dishes. The ovens can perform up to 9 different functions, that include, Roasts, poultry, fish, side dishes, egg dishes, desserts, pan fries, baked product and potato products.

The range of ovens is contained in the CombiMaster and CombiMaster Plus. Combimaster range of ovens uses three styles options thus its vast range of cooking functions. That is, steam, hot air and steam and hot air. Noteworthy, the temperatures ranges are wide enough to accommodate multiple styles of cooking. For instance, the temperature range for the steam cooking style is 30-130C, hot air, 30-300C and Steam & Hot Air 30-300C.

Also, CombiMaster combi oven features a pure hygienic fresh steam function that ensures steam cooking is at optimum. More so, the ovens are air- flow optimized, and therefore heat reaches all the areas in the cooking cabinet.

Energy saving

Further, with Rational ovens, one is likely to notice significant energy savings. This has been enabled by the modern control technology that means one uses 60% less power. More so, the 1/2 energy’ setting minimizes power consumption significantly.
Although, Rational combi ovens bulk of combi ovens are designed for high volume kitchens, the ovens are also available for the small kitchens. One of the favorite version for the small kitchens is the White House models. The various grid options are 6, 10 and 20.

The essence of hygiene in cooking equipment is of paramount importance. Cleaning an oven can, however, be one of the tedious and time-consuming tasks. Rational combi ovens are therefore molded with a self- cleaning system and a descaling mode.
Furthermore, Rational Combi ovens come with a favorable warranty policy that lasts two years for spares and works. These benefits have made Rational Combi ovens not only popular but widely used around the globe. In Europe, it is estimated that more than 85% of commercial kitchens use the combi ovens.


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