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The German based Company was formed in 1973 with about 25 employees. Through the years, the kitchen appliances manufacturer has continued to make advancements in the kitchen industry. One of its milestone achievements includes inventing the Rational Combi Steamer in 1976, invention of ClimaPlus combi in 1997 among other inventions. Read more about Rational combi ovens.

Convotherm success story in the manufacture of Combi ovens dates back in 17976. The company Motivated runs under the motto that the customers food is the Company’s mission. In this regard, the company offers creative, user-friendly, productive and excellent combi ovens. Convotherm became one of the first Germany Companies to be certified to the environmental standard ISO 14001. The Company pride of being a leader in the manufacture of combi ovens on many fronts such as being the pioneer of the full Touch screen technology of combi ovens. Read more  about Convotherm combi ovens.

Electrolux’ success journey in the manufacture of commercial and domestic kitchen appliances is one of the oldest. The company was founded in 1908 when Axel Wenner-Gren, its founder, made an alternative option of an American Santo vacuum cleaner. The created version was more affordable and user- friendly. Since 1908, Electrolux has emerged to be a household name in the kitchen industry and is now rated the world’s second- largest manufacturer of cooking equipment. Read more about Electrolux combi ovens.