Fagor oven

A brief overview of Fagor combi ovens

ae-101-fagor-combi-prodEstablished in 1960, Fagor Industrial is a globally renowned manufacturer of Combi ovens and other kitchen products pitting it tenth in the world. The company’s range of products includes dishwashers, laundry equipment, cold industrial refrigeration, and cooking equipment. All through the years the brand has continued to expand its range of products and has continued to evolve in the making, even more, quality products. As an acknowledgment of the Company’s leadership in the manufacture of kitchen products, Fagor Industrial received the Golden Q” certificate as a European Model of Business Excellence’ in 2004.

Throughout the years, Fagor has kept true to its mission to offer customers choice by manufacturing both gas and electricity powered combi ovens. More so, the ovens offer a wider selection of capacity. Some of the options to choose from are 6-tray ovens such as FAGOR ACE-061 6 Tray Electric Advance Concept Combi Oven and 10 -tray combi ovens such as the Fargo 10 Tray Combi Oven AE101-P.

The combi ovens also incorporate a variety of cooking methods. One primary method present in all Fagor models is the convection cooking. The feature is optimized by use of auto reverse fan rotation system.
Further, Fagor Combi ovens are hygienically designed by incorporating the hand shower function. The feature is premised on the fact that cooking may be a messy process, but sometimes one may not have the luxury of putting the oven to the full auto clean process. Therefore, the hand shower quickly rinses down and cleans the oven without the need to stop the oven to go through the longer cleaning process.

Another benefit of Fagor Combi ovens is that it comes in both manual and programmable operating systems. Undeniably, there are chefs who still prefer the manual ovens, more so the highly professional chefs, whereby temperatures, cooking time and load are manually entered. Some of the chefs, however, do not use the programmable ovens due to their perceived complex operations. In this sense, Fagor Combi ovens have made their programmable ovens very easy to use. For instance, Fagor Combi ovens feature a push buttons and “scrolling” controls operating system to confirm parameters.

To add to its innovations, Fagor has created the Advance series range of ovens. The Advance series embraces more versatility by having combi ovens of five different sizes. More so, the Advance ovens are available in 20 different models with different functionalities and performance. The understanding that clients have different needs and therefore require different responses drives the company.

The advance series is in the options of Advance range of combi ovens and the Advance plus. A major benefit of the advance series is that it offers more cooking methods as compared to Fagor’s previous models. In this regard, the Advance series has five cooking methods and include steam, low-temperature steaming, regeneration, combined and convection. This added advantage means that the chef has more cooking options and this includes, roasting, grilling, poaching, baking bread and others.

The convection cooking method has been advanced by having variant fan speeds that essentially optimizes the air flow thus guarantees to give optimum cooking results. The difference between the Advance and Advance Plus models us that the Advance range is designed for professionals who desire all the advanced features of modern combi ovens but one that is affordable.