Electrolux oven

About Electrolux Combi ovens

e-chef_touch-panelElectrolux’ success journey in the manufacture of commercial and domestic kitchen appliances is one of the oldest. The company was founded in 1908 when Axel Wenner-Gren, its founder, made an alternative option of an American Santo vacuum cleaner. The created version was more affordable and user- friendly. Since 1908, Electrolux has emerged to be a household name in the kitchen industry and is now rated the world’s second- largest manufacturer of cooking equipment.

In addition to being a leader in the manufacture of commercial combi ovens, the company deals in the manufacture of cookers, ovens, commercial freezers, commercial refrigerators, blast chillers, rack dishwashers and conveyor dishwashers. The first range of their combi ovens was manufactured in the 1977 and therefore has many years of research in the best designs of combi ovens. One of the benefits of Electrolux is that since it is a world renowned it has one of the largest networks of professional sales and service staff.

Also, as a unique benefit, Electrolux combi ovens are fully adaptable. The feature enables the models to be easily redesigned to incorporate a fully integrated matching chiller/freezer when need be. More so, the combi ovens have a self- cleaning mechanism that enables hygienic cooking. In this regard, Electrolux models have the green spirit’ option that saves on energy by using 50% less energy, water and rinse aid. This is a great innovation that has reduced climate impact.

Air O Steam Oven

electrolux-level-a-air-o-steam-touchline-combi-oven-2-800pxElectrolux range of combi ovens includes the air-o-steam Touchline Combi Ovens. The Air- O steam ovens offers three cooking options that are manual, programmable and automatic. The manual option is essentially the traditional mode of operation whereby the user manually takes control of every operation. The automatic mode, on the other hand, is a simple way where the user is controlling the oven less. All one has to do is select the image of the food and by the touch of the food icon the food cooks by itself. The program option is a bit different and allows the user to save recipes on the USB stick and use them repeatedly as they wish. Noteworthy, with the Air- O steam ovens, the user can save up to 1000 recipes.

Moreover, with the dedicated steam generator feature, the model enables a consistent supply of steam. The benefit of steam in cooking is that it aids in the even browning of food. Also, steam reduces cook time substantially by up to 40%. Noteworthy, food does not require steam throughout the cooking but in certain stages such as at the beginning of coking. The Electrolux combi ovens are in this regard designed to release steam at only specified stages.

Electrolux range of combi ovens also include the Air-O-Flow Touchline Combi ovens whose primary benefit is that it enables consistent heat distribution. The ovens have the advantage of offering the capability of multi-timer cooking. The function allows Sous- Vide Cooking, Hot and Cold Cooking among other cooking options.

Mini combi ovens range

The Electrolux mini combi ovens, on the other hand, are designed for customers who have limited kitchen space but are cognizant of the significant benefits of Electrolux combi ovens. The mini oven delivers maximum steam cooking by having a built in a water container. In addition, the mini oven combines steam and convection heating thereby delivering excellent cooking results.

Finally, Electrolux range of ovens features an automatic scale up diagnosis that detects scale build up and warns the user. Moreover, Electrolux range of ovens features low gas emissions which not only makes them not only environmentally friendly but also saves on energy.