Convotherm oven

Recommended models:

Convotherm C4ESD 6.10C
Combi oven C4ESD 6.20C
Most used: Convotherm 10 tray C4EST 10.10C
Combi oven C4EST 12.20C

Convotherm combi oven

Convotherm success story in the manufacture of Combi ovens dates back in 17976. The company Motivated runs under the motto that the customers food is the Company’s mission. In this regard, the company offers creative, user-friendly, productive and excellent combi ovens. Convotherm became one of the first Germany Companies to be certified to the environmental standard ISO 14001. The Company pride of being a leader in the manufacture of combi ovens on many fronts such as being the pioneer of the full Touch screen technology of combi ovens.

convotherm ovenThe first benefit of Convotherrm combi ovens is that they come in different sizes. This feature means that the company caters for the small, medium and large volume production. In total, Convotherm combi ovens are in seven different sizes, and each features different operation options. However, all models have a consistent design thus making their operation remarkably easy.

Moreover, the company is guided by the mission to design ovens that are not only highly functional but are safe and comfortable for human use. The models are therefore ergonomically designed for optimum human use.

Further, Convotherm features a hygienic design by having one of the best cleaning systems in the industry. In addition to featuring a self- cleaning system, some of its models feature an automated self- cleaning system which means that one does not come into contact with the cleaning chemicals.

Specifically, Convotherm range of ovens includes the Convotherm +3 easyToUCH Series, Convotherm +3 Standard Series, Convotherm Mini and Convotherm 4 series.

The Convotherm standard series offers easy operation and any cooking settings can be easily adjusted to individual series. This is in addition to having a disappearing door and advanced closed system.

The Convotherm mini series on the other hand is the ideal Convotherm combi oven for customers who have limited kitchen space or who simply need to save on their space. Despite measuring 51.5cm in width, the oven is designed with optimum features. These are easyTouch control panel and a Press&Go seal on the oven chamber door. Moreover, the oven has three program options; that is convection, steam and super-heated steam. With this option, a customer is not only guaranteed of the most quality cooking but also more foods to cook with the oven.

The miniseries are also a perfect appliance for front cooking areas due to their elegant silver finishing. Some of the models in the mini- series range of ovens include 6.06 mini easyToUCH, 6.10 mini mobile, 10.10 mini and 6.10 Mini 2in1 easy ToUCH.

The most recent innovation is the Convotherm 4 combi ovens. Among its several innovative features are the Easy Touch and Easy Dial functions. The Easy Touch option advances the Touch screen function by introducing highly responsive touch controls on a 9″ full-touch screen. The Easy Dial function, on the other hand, allows a user configure up to 99 cooking profiles that can be managed on the same level. This benefit has simplified a complex operation so to give the customers the freedom to do more cooking but with easy navigation.

Another benefit of the Convotherm 4 ovens is that it has expanded the cooking options. Now, there are up to five moisture- removal settings, five humidity settings, five-speed settings and five traditional settings.